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Recapping the past few months

Hi guys, it’s been a long time since I last blogged, I’ve just been bogged with school. First, I am going to talk about last semester, and then I will talk about what is happening now. As y’all know, I studied music business last semester, and as I blogged before, it was hard for me… But I passed all of my classes, even the music theories and aural skills. I had a good semester last year. It was very productive and fun. As y’all know, I got to lead worship at my church, and at my school in a small worship gathering. I am grateful to God that I had all the opportunities that I had. I met so many new friends, and I am grateful for that.

I now have a shocker… I have changed my major. It is no longer Music Business. It is now going to be Criminal Justice. I just felt the need to change it. I am going to be taking less credit hours and it will be easier. This way, I will have multiple options for a job, but also, I don’t have to stress at school staying up until 3 every day.

I don’t know if y’all remember my last blog, but I said that I had made a really stupid decision. Well, that decision was really really dumb. I was having a hard time with school, keeping up with assignments, and just really struggling in my music classes, and I decided to take that out on the person that I love most… My Girlfriend Kathy. I thought that I prayed about it, and was making the right choices, but I was listening to something other than God. I decided that the reason I had 2 C’s is because I rushed our relationship to get together. If y’all don’t get what I’m saying… I broke up with her. I broke up with her because I had 2 C’s. When I thought about it, That was one of the dumbest decisions that a person can make. C’s are passing grades, but I was selfish and only wanted A’s and B’s. I knew it was gonnahurt me to make the phone call, but I definitely knew that It was going to hurt her more because she had trust in me. Once we broke up, I realized that in my overall life, I was getting angrier and more toxic. My grades didn’t get any better either. I came to the realization that Kathy was the one physical person that would always be happy with me when I had a bad day, and I needed someone to talk to. She was my constant that I got to every night. (Kathy, I know that you are going to read this, so I think you for being there. Babe, I love you, and I’m happy that we figured everything out.) Oh yeah guys, we are back together… I came back begging lol. I think that our relationship now is on another level. I’m glad that I have my girl to be there for me.

I don’t know if y’all remember, but I tried out for the DBU chapel worship team, and I made it. My first day that I sing is on February 23. I’m excited and I can’t wait. I have been blessedwith the opportunity to be on a team of basically professional singers. DBU actually is on Spotify, so if y’all look up DBU Chapel worship, you will find them. They have some original songs, and they are great. You can also look us up on YouTube. I have the honor of helping lead worship of other college students.Leading worship Is what I love to do.

Lastly, I got a job at my church. Its an internship. I will be leading monthly worship gatherings to begin with, then possibly more often. I will also be helping facilitate small groups on campus. I am excited because I am saving up for something special. I also have another job on campus and it pays some… not nearly enough, but it works.

I am just grateful to God that I am in the place where I am now.

Prayer request:

*That I do well in school

*That I love others how God does

*That me and my girlfriend stay as a unit

*That I do my best in all that I do

Praise reports:

*I got on the chapel worship team

*I have my Girlfriend back, and we are closer than ever

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