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Hello! It's Messiah. This week, we have been in quarantine for the whole week, and we won't be getting out any time soon. The government here has literally shut EVERYTHING down. Even the grocery stores are closed, and only does a delivery. That's the weird part because the grocery stores here defiantly don't ever deliver. We placed an order, and none of it came. They said that they were "backed up". So this week, we were in the house all week. While in the house, I had a lot of time for school work, playing my guitar, and watching family movies. It was cool because some of the movies were in Spanish. To be honest, I have a really hard time understanding movies... A really hard time, but for some reason, I can understand regular people talking, and I can even understand my pastor. Yesterday, I was talking to a guy on the phone, and I understood basically everything he said, and I talked back to him just fine, but the movies... SUPER HARD. Other than Spanish movies, I did the best thing ever.I played my guitar. I love worshipping and singing on my guitar. It's just a passion that I have.

When I was talking to the guy on the phone yesterday, it was about getting fresh vegetables, fruit, and cheese. Today he came by, and boy did we get just that!!! We got everything for soooooo cheap, and we got soooooo much. I'm excited because we got a lot of Honduran vegetables like plantains, yuca, beans, and pataste. When you make soup out of these ingredients, then it's soooooooo good. Theme of this soup would be called "sopa de frijoles", or soup of beans. (It is better than it sounds, trust me.) If, or when y'all come out here, trust me, I will definitely show y'all how we catrachos eat.

Okay guys, that's all I have. I pray that everything is okay where y'all are. We don't have too many cases here, but we don't have all/as many test kits, and equipment as the States has. That's why everything is on extreme lockdown. So, can y'all pray for us that we avoid boredom and laziness. I'm going to try to work out while on lockdown. I'll talk to y'all next week.

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