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Prayer Requests

Sorry for last week not posting on time, next week I will do my best to post on time and keep my commitment that I made a few weeks ago.

Hey guys this week I want to do things differently. As yall know I tend always to talk about the fun in my life but this week I want to be real with y'all. On the mission field for missionaries some days are harder than others but thanks to God he pulls us through. This week for me has been difficult. Most of the week I have been strugguling with a sin and I am trying to get my want to, to stop it. This is my prayer request... Please pray I will get my want to, to stop this sin I have been strugguling with as long as I can remember, so I can serve the Lord with my whole heart. Thanks in advance for all your prayers for me.

Don't forget to pray for my family as we are starting help serve here in Roatan with the rehab and other ministries.

I only have one more class left so pray I use what I have been taught the past months. I learned a lot the past few months but I still need a lot more practice.Thanks to God that my parents are far more advanced than me, so they can teach me more spanish. I can't wait until this pandemic is over so I can practice more with dozens of people.

Thank y'all sooo much for all your prayers and reading my blog. God bless y'all tonight. Adios!!!!!

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