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Playing Rescue Missions and Spanish School

Hey guys! This week was fun playing rescue missions with our toy helicopters and toy police and firemen guys. My brother and I pretended to be the coast guards and military captains over our group of rescue guys. Our first mission was to save two guys from drowning. The guys were in a plane that was about to sink and blow up. We managed to get them out safely, but lost a few due to the explosion. The second rescue mission was to get the pilot out of his cock-pit before the plane slid off the cliff. There was also a guy stuck in between two rock slides. We also managed to get them safely out of their dangerous situations. We had a lot of fun playing rescue missions.

Here's photos of us playing.....

Spanish School also has been pretty easy and fun learning a little past tense. Right now with my teacher I am learning how to describe my daily activities in the past. For example, if I were to say, "I brushed my teeth when I was 12 years old every day." In Spanish you would say, "Yo me cepillaba los dientes cuando tenia 12 anos todos los dias." That's about all I am learning right now and I can't wait to learn more.

Thank y'all for reading my blog and remember to always be patient during this time of quarantine. God bless y'all... Bye see you next week!

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