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Playing “fútbol”/soccer with new friends!

Wow!!! This week has been amazing spending time with family and friends. I actually met a really close friend, named Jonathan. I thank God for him. He is an answer to my prayer. We have played fútbol ⚽️ with him and American football 🏈 too. I love playing fútbol!!!! Since we don’t always have football goals or fields, me and my friends set up two rocks 5 feet apart as goals in the street. Jonathan has a lot of aunts and uncles, (but no brothers or sisters) one day as we were playing, Jonathon’s uncle came out and started juking everyone. It was fun to watch. This guy was 60 and was playing like a professional!!! It was so fun!!

Spanish has been great!! Right now I am learning all of the verbs and their tenses. I have learned commands and family members names in Spanish. School for me has been hard, but interesting. I am glad for everyone who made it possible for us to be here. Also for our Prayer supporters… Y’all don’t know how much it means to me. Thank y’all!!!

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