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Parades, sickness, and book two!!!!!!!!

I have had a pretty awesome week this week. We had the flower parade of Siguatepeque which is a BIG BIG parade. The second half of my week, I was sick because my mom gave it to me. First, it started out with a little sore throat, then it went to where I could not swallow anything. Now, I can barely breath, and can’t wait to start workout again. I can’t workout because im congested in my nose and can’t breath properly, and I LOVE CrossFit. Hopefully I’ll get better. Also, when I was sick, we went to a market and I got to buy two Ronaldo jerseys, and a pair of soccer cleats.

NOW for the best part of the week!!!!!!! Though I’m sick today, it has been the best day of the week. My new teacher told me that I am going on to book two!!! Before I do, I have to take a test on Wednesday. Please pray for me to do well and move on.

I love Honduras and just found out that ocean homes are waaaaaaaayyyyyy less expensive here in Honduras. I may be staying here for the rest of my life. If you go to a beach here (not Roatan) it is less than $200k to buy a house. THATS INSANE. Also pray for me as I’m “gripe” (Spanish word fo having the cold). Thank y’all for reading the blog, especially those who read every week. I’ll let y’all know how the test went next Monday, so come back and read it.

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