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Parade, Sports....and back to School

I love Honduras and all of the things in it. I saw another parade and this was amazingly awesome. The other ones were not my favorite, but this one was special. It was called the “Flower Festival of Siguatepeque”, and everyone Came out (even from other towns). This is were people all over Honduras look at many flowers in Siguatepeque. My two favorite parts of the parade was seeing cool Mustangs (yes, they have those here, but they’re rare) and Honduran stunt drivers do catwalks on motorcycles. Also I bought a bottle of the most tastiest Hot Sauce 😋!!

We also played football and basketball. My brother and I toss the football 🏈 around a lot, We even sometimes get my friends to come out and play. My family and I love to play at the basketball 🏀 courts here too. As we were playing, some kids came up and asked to play with us. We just started playing every man for himself...until it started raining 🌧 them we went home. This week has been awesome!!

This week we also started back at school after a week break (all public school were closed). I thought it was going to be easy, but it was hard. My teacher assigned me with a hard task. I had to list 10 things that people need to go to school for and 10 things that people don’t need to go to school for (in Spanish). I am learning a lot!

P.S. Please lift my Papaw up in your prayers and my Nana. My Papaw is sick (lung problems) and having surgery.

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