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Once in a lifetime Field Trip!!!

Man, this week has been an awesome week! We visited a park with a whole bunch of kids about to have a party. It made my week! We did lots of things. When we got there, we all blew up balloons for the party we were having (Day of the Children) until we were out of breath. Then my sharp eyesight saw at least ten kids playing a game of soccer. As quickly as I saw the kids, I ran over to play and I scored 2 points by cherry picking.

Hey! guess what I did... I played on a sea saw.

We also played a game that was kind of like monkey in the middle but with a soccer ball. As we were playing an intense game we got called for food and let me tell you it was good. And to top it off we got to wack the candy filled piñata. Some candies were good and some awkward. After we visited, I was physically exhausted,it was mostly a sugar crash. See you next week. Bye!!!! Hasta luego!!!

Pictures below...

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