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October - Surgery/Family, behind the scenes ministry work, and missing my guys

October 5, 2022 I had surgery and it went great! The recovery timeline is 6 weeks so my October was spent healing from surgery. The first two weeks I had to lay real low and then the last part of recovery I can do light activity. I was blessed to be at my mom's house in Illinois while healing. My family has been of great help during this recovery. A side blessing of being in Illinois healing from surgery has been spending time with my family. I love them so much and this has been a really great time just hanging out and catching up.

Me before surgery....

Got to watch my niece win 1st place in a softball championship...

Chelsea and Dean, my niece and nephew, love playing UNO with me

Me and my nieces....

Me and my younger brother working out before my surgery....

Watching a softball game....

Ministry has a lot of "behind the scenes" work. Before surgery, behind the scenes I was working on getting the last portion Celebration Place (our kids Celebrate Recovery program) into Spanish for a ministry that is currently using the program in Spanish in Tegus, Honduras. Google and I were able to complete this task before I had surgery. It was a difficult task to get CP in Spanish, but what a blessing that little kiddos get to have Biblical recovery tools to deal with life's hurts, hang-ups and habits through the power of Jesus Christ early on in life. It was a blessing to be used in this way. It needs some revisions for sure as Spanish is not my first language, but I know it will be used in a mighty way to help many kids have the healing tools from the Bible to deal with whatever comes their way.

I can't end this blog without talking about my heart being torn. Although it is such a blessing to be in the states with my family during this time, it has been sooooooooooo difficult being away from my guys...Tyler, Guenther and our dog Jac. Our little immediate family is so close and hangs out so much, so them having to stay back in Honduras while I'm here in the states has been so difficult. This is the longest we have ever been apart and oh how I miss them!!!! Tyler is my best friend and an amazing husband. We both felt, for multiple reasons I'm not going to go into here, that God's plan for this surgery was for me to go and them to stay back. Yes, we had the peace of God in this decision, but man I miss them so much. I can't wait to be back with them, but trying to stay focused on healing well so I don't have any complications. Blessed to have many friends that we call family on the island that have loved my guys well through this. Check out in Tyler and Guenther's blog posts how special our island family made Tyler's Birthday while I was away.

Prayer Request

*Please continue to pray for my healing from surgery. (Having minor complications...incision opened a little.)


*That Google and I were able to complete translating the the final book of Celebration Place into Spanish and send it off to a ministry that is using the program in Tegus, Honduras.

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