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November - Finishing up healing from surgery in IL..soon to head back to Honduras

This month was all about finishing up healing from surgery at my mom's house in Illinois and hanging out with family and friends that are like family.

November 17th was 6 weeks from surgery and my final check up with my doctor before heading back to Honduras. At this visit I still had 2 different places where my incision was opened from pushing out the dissolvable stitches that my body I guess was not wanting to dissolve. Other than that, the doctor was super pleased with how my body was healing from surgery. I was told to continue to use a special antibiotic wound ointment to close the open incisions up quicker. My doctor seemed to feel comfortable with me staying a little while longer to give the incisions a change to close completely and fly back after the Thanksgiving holiday.

This was the first Thanksgiving I have gotten to spend with my family in Illinois in a long time. It was a nice time catching up and getting to hang out with everyone.

Well good news, my incisions are basically all closed up and I'm ready to head back to Honduras. I leave Illinois on December 1st to head to Dallas, Texas to make a quick trip to visit our oldest son, Messiah, at college for 2 days. Then on December 3rd I fly back to Honduras to be reunited with my best friend and husband Tyler, our youngest son Guenther, and my little doggie Jac....along with so many close friends in Honduras that have become family (too many to list here, but excited to see them all). I'm ready for some Honduran heat, it's freezing here in IL.

Here's some random pictures of me hanging out with family (I am really bad about taking pictures so there are so many more memories not pictured here)...

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