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New Things Happening in Roatan

Hey all, I am so glad to be writing to you all about this past month. There is something new that is brewing in Roatan, Honduras. We are part of a group of individuals that is working on getting a transitional house here in Roatan for the men that are coming out of the rehab. They are coming out of a rehab that has 100% structure and no freedom to 100% freedom and no structure. We want to be that middle person that helps them learn how to live on their own and rely on God. They need to learn how to make different friends that can encourage and build them up in the Lord. Usually, when they come out of the rehab, they return back to the friends they once had and are tempted and fall right back in the pit they were once in. We ask that you pray for us as we are working on this intently. We have found a house and we are currently working on who would be the live in house supervisor. It will not be a foreigner, it will be an individual who is from the country of Honduras that is trained in this area. We will soon be traveling to the city on the mainland of Honduras where we will connect and partner with another ministry that has experience in this area. God is good and we know that He will work all things out according to His will.

This was also the month that we celebrated our Lord's death, burial, and resurrection so that we as believers can be covered by the blood of Jesus for our sins. We have a life group that meets weekly at our house and we had a movie night. We watched the Passion of Christ. This was a very emotional movie for all of us to watch and when it was over we were all speechless during our discussion time about the movie. This movie has, I believe, opened the eyes of many of the people in our group to how brutal Jesus' death was. It also opened the eyes of the people in our group to how saving Jesus' blood was for us. This life group that we have has been very close to each other and we are able to call on one another in a time of crisis, a time of help, and a time of needing more understanding of the Word. I ask that you pray for this group that they continue to stay together and to love one another and to always be there for each other.

Celebrate Recovery has been going well. We have the youth group on Saturday's from 12pm to 2pm and the adult and children's group from 3pm to 5pm. We are so grateful to have the facility that we have to be able to do this program. I ask that you pray for us and that the group will not only grow but produce more leaders so that the group can function well. We will be going to the mainland of Honduras for a week for Guenther, because he will be a part of a missionary kid camp. There will be one Saturday that we will be absent and we will be asking our other leaders to run it without us being there. We never want this program to stop for anything, so please pray continually that it will never stop if it is in God's will. One of the greatest things that happened this month at Celebrate Recovery is that Lorenda, my wife, was able to share her testimony. I was so proud of her for getting up and sharing her past and being vulnerable with the other participants in the group. We also had an outreach night with the youth and showed a movie. The movie is called "Play the Flute." It is a very inspirational movie for a youth group to see. If you have never seen it, I suggest that you sit and watch it. You can find the full movie on youtube.

There is so much going on here on the island. I want you to know that I will have some more new stuff that is happening in the month of May that I will share with you in my next blog, so I hope that you stay tuned in for next months blog.

Thank you all so much for your prayers and your sacrificial giving. What you have done has helped the Gospel go throughout the island of Roatan, but not just Roatan, but all over the entire country of Honduras. We thank you for making this possible for us to be here.

Thanks and God bless,

Tyler Adams

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