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New Adventures

Hi guys, its Messiah again. I hope y’all have had a great month. A lot of things have happened this month that I won’t have time to cover it all.

School is going pretty well… it’s just the music that is hard for me still because of the theory. I don’t know if I told y’all last month, but one of my music classes the teacher plays a do note, and plays a whole bunch of notes after, and we have to write down all those notes on the staff. It is freakishly hard.

Me studying with friends…

Along with music classes, I have also been leading worship a lot here in Texas. Since I made the worship mentorship program, I am able to lead worship at different small events called catalyst, and I love doing it. The last time I led it was two weeks ago, and that was definitely one of the best worship services that I have ever led by far. We did a song called “All Praise”, and we rocked it. I led the songs called “Homecoming” by bethel, and “Where you are” by Leeland. “Where You Are” by Leeland is such a great song. The original on YouTube, the guy sings It way too high. Like honestly I thought he was a girl. I sing it a lot lower to where you can know that I am a man. I also had the opportunity to lead worship at my church on a Sunday morning for both services as lead guitarist and I sang two of the four songs. I was so excited when the worship pastor asked me if I wanted to lead. The good thing is that he is thinking about putting me on a rotation to where I can lead more regularly like once every month or two. I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to do these things. I am also so grateful that the Lord has given me the ability and talent to lead worship for his glory.

This month I got my first job!!! I am working at the cafeteria, and it is not all that bad. Obviously, it isn't the job that I wanted, but it pays for things. For example, I have to buy a tuxedo for choir, and I’m saving up for that. I am also trying to save up for books for next semester and have money for when I came back home to Roatan. The job pays pretty well, so I just need to save and keep saving. Sometimes I choose to go out with my friends because sometimes they want to go to Whataburger or Canes chicken, and I don’t want to stay back, so I go. I haven’t gone recently because I’m saving up my money for things. I love the community that I have. Now, back to the job, I wanted a job to where I could sit and work on my homework but that didn’t happen. I got a job serving food and cleaning tables. That’s ok though because I’m working and earning.

me at work….

Lastly, this month, I made a decision that I know was wrong because I acted to fast. I’m not going to go into detail, but just pray that I can help myself to help this. NO I DID NOT GET IN TROUBLE, OR DO SOMETHING BAD.

Prayer requests:

*Think before I make choices that will affect a big part of life

*That music classes becomes easier

Praise reports

*I am going to be on a rotation for leading worship at my church

*I have a lot of friends here on campus

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