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My June involved Family, Friends and Conference

Howdy y'all! June has been amazing, and there was someone special who came to the island.


Wow! What a surprise, my grandma Ola came with her two sisters on a cruise, and it happened that one of their stops was Roatan, Honduras. It was so fun to have them stop by and show them our side of the world. While driving around, we showed them some places on the island that we go to often which included the rehab where we serve, church, our local grocery store and our local hardware store. We were like their own personal tour guide. Our relatives had lot of fun with us. We laughed and listened as they told us memories of their parents (my mom's Mamaw and Papaw, my great-great grandparents). It was then that I learned the importance of family and how important it is to love at all times (even when your great-great Papaw is a back seat driver and no one liked it). As I was listening I learned an important lesson, love your parents and enjoy life with the people you love. I hope they come back to visit again and share more stories.


The story is not done yet. I not only had fun with family, but also with some friends of mine. Let me start here: Honduran kids love soccer, and even if you ask them, they would tell you their favorite sport is soccer. Some friends of the family came over, and their two kids love soccer, so what did we do? Then yep, we played soccer almost the whole time, and when my other friend heard us, he joined the bandwagon. We played "fight for the goal". I'm getting better and better, but I'm too clumsy with the ball. It was super fun and I really enjoyed it.


I got the privilege to go to a Baptist conference for three days with my family. It was truly and honor seeing all the Baptist churches congregate in one church, share testimonies, sing specials, and just worship so powerfully. Thanks to God my Landlord ("island Aunt") invited us. The only bad thing was I sung so loud I lost my voice for a couple of days, but I would do it all again if there was another one. We went through a study on Revelation, and man, how they taught it made every word come to life. I love it so much, that I wanted it to last a year. What a privilege it was to attend the conference.

Thanks for reading. I love and miss y'all.

Prayer Request:

-for God to clean my heart

Praise Reports:

-relatives came to visit

-good friendship with local teens

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