• Lorenda Adams

My first Spanish exam is Friday 😲

This has been a great week!!! We did sooooo much!!! We practiced Spanish with people at a local nursing home, tried a street drink made of a local fruit (nance), played volleyball with friends, worked out at our local gym “UFit”, played sports with kids that live in a group home, went to Tuesday night dinner/Bible study, and had fresh local food a lot (fresh eggs, homemade nacatamales, avocados from a neighbors tree, and homemade tortillas..made by Messiah).

During the week days we take Spanish in the morning. Classes have been going GREAT!!!! Tyler and I now have separate teachers which helps a lot as we get one on one teaching. The boys started classes this week and are really enjoying it. I finished book 1 and so (entonces)......I have my first Spanish exam Friday. Prayers it goes well!!!

Thank you for your prayers!!! We love and miss y’all!! ❤️

😁 Pictures 👇🏻

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