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My blessings from God!!!!!

My blessing from God are my husband Tyler and our boys Messiah and Guenther!!! 💙💚💚

Most of you know, our family prefers goofy photos. Here is a recent “normal” photo....

And here is a goofy...

I am blessed beyond measure to spend every day serving the Lord with my guys!!! Marriage is not easy and parenting isn’t either, but both are sooooooo worth it! Man do I love my guys ❤️ We have been on so many adventures together and the best has been that we are together.

This current journey, the Lord has called us to learn Spanish in Honduras. We are loving language school and are getting plenty of opportunities to practice with locals. Immersion is the key and getting out of our comfort zone sure helps (trying is the key 🔑). In one year we hope to be ready for our next adventure together....starting Celebrate Recovery in San Marcos de Colon (Southern Honduras). Please continue to pray for our minds to be open to learn the language and our hearts to be receptive for divine appointments. Thanks for your prayers!!!! We couldn’t do this without y’all! ✝️❤️

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