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Mom's Home

On Saturday, the 19th of December 2020 my mom returned. I am soooo glad to have her home safe with us. As soon as I saw her I ran and bear hugged her tight, as a python squeezes it's prey. I feel without my mom our family doesn't function as normal. I probably gave her about 30 hugs these past few days. When she got home I gave her a gift she always wanted. The gift is one of those hand-operated Chinese fans. My mom also had a gift for me. She got me two comfortable basketball shorts and two other dress shorts that have an elastic feeling.

Check these things out in the photo below.

Ministry has also been going great. We just had some people from the Rehab get baptized in the ocean. The ocean was soo crystal clear and cold. One of the women that got baptized has totally changed into a new person. From the time she came until now I have seen a total transformation. Last night we went to Celebrate Recovery and we learned about the lesson MORAL. We also jammed to some loud Island music. It went great and you could sense the joy of the Spirit there.

Thanks for reading my blog. See you next week for another great blog!

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