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Ministry and a Special Visitor

Greetings all the way from Roatan, Honduras! This April was fantastic.

Chess Club

The chess club hasn't started yet, but I am working on getting it all organized. So far I have three chess boards and a couple of ideas what to name the chess team. Once my church builds the learning center the chess club will be launched. I almost forgot to share with you my awesome God story. We went to a place called the Macaw Market and a hand carved wooden chess board caught the corner of my eye. I turned the opposite direction just to take a peek of it. Let me tell you, it is nice. I asked for the price and it was $85, but I only had $35. I showed it to my mom and said to the lady at the store that I need to save up to buy it for the chess club. As soon as I finished the lady working at the store said since I was using it to help others, she would sell it to me for the $35 that I had. I thought I was about to have a heart attack, but at the same time do a back flip. She said she would like to learn how to play chess too. Maybe one day I will teach her too. God works in mysterious ways to fulfill what he has called me to do.

Here's a picture of me with the lady from the store and my chess board...

A Special Visitor

This April I had a special visitor come all the way from Georgia to visit me and my family. Nana came to visit us in Roatan. It was so fun showing her what we do here in person. We took her everywhere from the Rehab to the other side of the island, to West End and West Bay. Long story short, we did an island tour with her. Nana did not expect how hot it was living on a Caribbean Island, so we pumped her full of fluids. It's a sacrifice worthwhile. Nana had so much fun even though we dragged her everywhere. Nana, if you're reading this, I wasn't to say you're a gift from above. I love you so much!

Here a picture of me and Nana...


My main job is school. You may not see it as one, but it's a major part of me getting equipped for my future. Many people here don't go to high school or college; they end up finding jobs to barely survive or ending up on the streets. Schooling is my job right now so I don't have to be limited to what God needs of me. I am doing Algebra right now and the theme is working with graphs, so far so good. It is getting easier every day I do it.

My Health

Almost every blog I mention the updates of my rumination syndrome (regurgate my food after I eat) and how that's going. Last month I got to my goal weight, but this month I didn't do so good. I lost 10 pounds quickly. Keep praying because I started back singing all day to avoid ruminating. Pray I look at it as a sin problem not because I know it's wrong. So continue to pray I fight the good fight.


*Hand carved chess set

*Nana came to visit


*Hate my sin and love God more

Thank y'all for reading! Hasta la vista!

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