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Messiah’s July blog update

Hey guys, its Messiah. I hope y’all are doing well.

This month has been really good. I finally got my passport, so I got to go home. This month has been pretty much the same as last. I have been working a lot. One week I worked 56 hours! I know to a lot of y’all that may be only a little bit, but I stand all day, and working 13 hours on my feet… its pretty hard. But anyways, I had fun with my coworkers. I even got a raise finally. I was literally the happiest person in the world to hear that news. I honestly have to say that I love working, unless I have to wake up at 6:30AM… that’s when it gets brutal, but any other time, it’s really fun, and enjoyable.

As most of y’all know, I have a job at my church. I am an intern there. I help lead worship retreats and help facilitate study groups and more. That has been going well so far, and we have a plan to go to Chicago and view a church plant there. It’s still in the workings, but we will see if we can get it.

Along with my regular jobs, I got a job doing construction. My boss needed his house fixed, and so one of our chefs was a contractor. The chef knew that I was strong… (because I am) lol. He asked me if I wanted to help him and that he would pay me $17 an hour, and I was like heck yeah. I did a lot of work, and it was hard. I felt really bad because when I was on demolition, I broke 2 of his tools. I told him that I have a tendency of breaking stuff, but I guess he found it out the hard way. I broke a sledgehammer… He was shocked. I gained a lot of money that way, and I am grateful.

Also, I posted this a while ago, but I got my first tattoo!!! I’m not gonna lie, it kinda hurt like crap. At first, it didn’t hurt that bad, then as he started going up my arm, I started to feel it a lot more. My tattoo is in Hebrew, and it means “I will succeed” if you want to know why I got it, I put it in a post on my social media.

Prayer requests

1. That classes go well this coming semester.

Praise reports

1. I have a basically 100% job security, and I was promoted.

2. I got my passport and am home.

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