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May - Fun, Friends, Family and Faith

Hey y'all! May has been great and I can't wait to tell you about it.


This month I tried something new and it was wakeboarding...boom, crash! My friend, or I should say my dad's friend, Josh, pulled up to our beach in his boat and invited us to go wakeboarding with him. The first one to get in the water was Josh's son, who is about 7 or 8 years old. His son nonchalantly got up on the wakeboard, rode the waves, and made it look as easy as walking on land. So because he did it so easily, I thought it would be easy for me too. I was totally wrong! T-o-t-a-l-l-y!!! It took me 5 times to eventually get up. I am proud to say that I got up and rode the waves for 6-7 seconds. My pride of getting up led to a wipe out into a salty ocean. My sodium level went off the charts when I gulped in gallons of ocean water. It was super fun until the guy who taught me got out and showed off his skills. This guy, Josh, rides wakeboards like a professional. He landed 10ft jumps and did a cartwheel in the water on the wakeboard. I know, it makes it seem like I sucked, but I told him jokingly, "You just got lucky!" I didn't feel so bad because he wiped out too. I'm hoping to take my friends out one day to try it too.


Looking back on May 14, 2023 it was super fun. After my mom taught a powerful lesson at a local island church for Mother's Day, we had a great deal of fun. A friend of my mom invited us to lunch at her house and it wasn't just her, but her whole family as well. I got to try cow tongue, which tasted like roast beef. It was so good I started singing "Oh for a thousand tongues"...this is my dry sense of humor. It was so fun enjoying this Mother's Day with our island family.

FRIENDS (CR Youth Group "The Landing")

Wow! It was so fun hanging out with friends this month! I'm glad to say that I invited 2 friends to our youth group who turned around and invited another friend. God works in mysterious ways! One of my friends from youth group got saved last week after attending CR and another youth revival meeting that same day. He is hungry for the Word of God and I am going to do the best I can to mentor him. Pray for me as I try to do this. I need prayer for boldness and that I would be a leader. I hope by next blog to update you on how it's going.

Prayer Requests:

-To control my eyes (trying to focus on God and not lusting after girls)

-To be bold for the gospel


-My friend got saved

Thanks for reading. Make sure to look out for next month's blog.

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