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March Blog

Hey y'all, this month was interesting I should say. I did a wide range of special things.


March 2023 was my month to finish world history, which I was close to achieving. I have been reading, writing and listening to countless videos about world history. It is actually pretty interesting learning about the rise of Christianity with the big honcho Emperor Constantine. Our of all history, he is the one who I loved learning about in world history. C'mon what person doesn't want to learn about Emperor Constantine and his great religious reforms. Next time you have the ability to go attend church and worship, think of Constantine and his influence for Christianity.

Change of Plans

Y'all know I've been hyped on after high school going to school at CCU, Colorado Christian University, but I am rethinking it now. Right now I don't want to do school full time after high school. When my brother quit college and my mom just started college, I asked myself some questions, "Is this really for me or am I just saying it to look a certain way?" Now don't get me wrong, I will go to college if God calls me to it, but right now, I don't think that's the ideal place to go after high school. My plan, Lord willing, is to work and find me a career whether it be working in a. school or working at the post office. So that's where I am right now. Pray I will follow God's will for me each step of the way.

Po Po

Po Po is the Chinese word for grandma, if you might be asking. My mom's friend's mom is like family to me. She is like my island Chinese grandmother. I know it's weird, but I feel called to hewing the elderly people in some way. I love how they are so sweet and I learn so much valuable lessons from them. There's this one little lady I call my Chinese island grandma or Po. She is so fun to hang out with and is a kind little lady. Although I can't communicate with her in her language, we can still talk a little with our hands and her daughter interprets for us. My favorite was sitting and watching a chances TV episode with her. Let me tell you, she is a dye hard fan of sword fighting. I love her and can't wait to watch more episodes with her.

Big 16

Happy getting old day! I can't believe I am one step closer to being an adult. Oh, NO! I am seeing how hard it is to be an adult like paying taxes, bills, budgeting and other adult stuff. I am officially 16 and I ca't wait for more adventures since I am aging or technically dying slowly. Happy Birthday to me! I am still in shock I am the Big 16.

Grandpa Lee

My grandpa came back on a Carnival cruise and we had so much fun as usual. We ate red snapper at my grandpas's and uncle's favorite restaurant, "Gingers." It's their favorite because it's the only place they've tried, creatures of habit. We took them this time to the other side of the island which is almost 2 hours away. We are some epic tour guides. It was a good time making new memories and remembering the old times. I had fun and pray they will move down here to retire.

Prayer Request

-God guide my future

Praise Report

-family came to visit and have new island family

Thank y'all so much for y'all's time reading this blog. See you next time.

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