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LOTS OF FAMILY TIME (due to sickness)

Hello guys! How’s it going? It’s good to get back blogging and I can’t to share with y’all what I’ve been up to. Ok, let’s get crackin!

My brother came home for a few months. Yay. I was so excited to see him again and spend time with him. He’s so different in how he looks and his actions. Messiah was busy a lot on his phone and computer, but I got to play with him a little bit. My brother and I played chess a few times and he beat me most of the time. The times that my brother did play with me, I had fun. I can’t wait to see him again.

January gave us an unexpected surprise. The surprise was that my dad and I got COVID. Man, I hurt all over, my legs, arms and back all had severe aches. Let me put it this way, what felt like was the Hulk giving me a deep tissue massage. Ouchy!! When we had COVID, we also lost out taste and smell. Thanking God, it wasn’t permanent. When we lost our taste and smell, my mom was giving us raw garlic, a mutton pepper, and a lot more stuff to see if we lost it. COVID was bad, but it also had good parts, like watching a lot of movies in the air-conditioning. We watched movie after movie, while my mom took care of us. Thanking God we got us through and for the MAIZ medicine. My mom always says, “you can see a blessing in every situation.”

I almost forgot about something exciting. You’ll never believe it, but we got a pet chihuahua. It’s totally a God story! We rescued the type of dog that I have always wanted. He loves our whole family. I named him JAC, after Johnny and Mac (2 National Celebrate Recovery Leaders). Little did I know, once he settled in he got attached to my mom more than all of us. I thought he would be my emotional support dog, but he’s my mom’s. Thanking God for our doggie JAC.



*Got a dog/new addition to our family, JAC


*to be honest in the big and small

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