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Hey y’all!! December and January were months that we were not expecting…full of SICKNESS. Seems like for most of the month of January someone in the house was sick with something. It all started with Messiah coming home from college with a slight cold that he was managing with cold meds he brought from the states. Then shortly after Messiah’s arrival, my dad and uncle came in on a cruise ship and my dad was very sick. Immediately after picking up my dad, we took him to a doctor here on the island and found out he had possible pneumonia. He was put on 4 different medications in order to get better. We were planning on hanging out the whole time he had available for the day, but he was so sick that he was only able to spend a few hours with us. But let me tell you, it was an amazing few hours together!!! My dad and uncle were the first of my family to come out and see us here in Honduras and it felt so good! We were able to take them to the rehab that we serve at here, have a Honduran meal together and they were able to see where we live. I can’t wait for more family to come out and visit! It felt so good to have them see what was going on here. Then after they left, guess what happened…I did not feel well and realized I had a UTI. Let me tell you, there are doctors for a reason. Here in Honduras, I was able to buy antibiotics from the local pharmacy without a prescription, but I quickly learned that you need a urine culture to determine what antibiotic to fight a UTI with…so as you can guess, I didn’t get better from this med and had to go on another med. During the time of me having the UTI, I also had a few days of body aches and joint pain…not really sure if they were related, but it only lasted a day. Then came more sickness. Tyler and Guenther had COVID and I quarantined them to a room with air conditioning and movies, in hopes of preventing Messiah and me from getting it. I never came down with any symptoms and I thought Messiah was going to skip getting it too…but he ended up getting it back in Texas while at college. PRAISE GOD WE ALL ARE WELL NOW!!!!! It was a long month of sickness that we are glad to have behind us.

Messiah getting here from college…

My dad and uncle visited as a stop on their cruise…

My COVID patients….

Due to all the sickness, ministry was off and on this past month, but we served as we could when we were well. Please continue to pray for all of the ministry work here in Honduras, that the great name of JESUS will change the lives of many here on the island. Next month I will share more details about all the different ministry work here and how to specifically be praying for each area. In the meantime, please just pray we will stay healthy to be able to serve God here in Roatan, Honduras.

Before leaving, check out our new family member JAC.

Love y’all bunches!!! Thanks for checking in on what going on here in Honduras.

Adios amigos (bye friends)

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