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Looking at Online Bible Colleges, and Learning how to type without chicken pecking.

Wow, two weeks ago I watched an online pastors conference, and it has given me a burning fire inside to learn more about the Bible so that I can tell others more easily about Christ and answer a lot of the hard questions a lot of people have here. I believe taking classes online will help me be able to do that. I pray everyday that if that is God's will for me to go to college online, so, that I can understand more and to help the people here in Honduras understand more, then I will do it to the best of my ability. So, I ask that you pray for me as I follow God's Will.

The reason why I am taking typing classes is so that when I start my online classes it will be easy for me to take notes and it will also help me get things done faster. God has given me great strength to be able to do all of these things to better myself and to further his kingdom work. So continue to pray for me as I endure these new obstacles in my life.

I am still trying to take Spanish classes online as we are still in quarantine. We are on day 39 of quarantine and it does not look like we are going to get out anytime soon. Please pray for us as we are in our home and not able to go out at all except to go to the grocery store on a specific day of the week that the government has allowed us to go out on.

Thanks for your support and prayers. We love and miss y'all bunches.

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