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LIFE IN Honduras

Hey guys, this week, I want to focus on how life actually goes about here. This is going to be a very biased opinion, but just here me out...

Honduras is a very beautiful country, with awesome people in this country. I love living here because I've never crossed a person that has been rude to us, or there fellow countrymen. Of course there are some people who probably are rude, but I bet it's very rare. Compared to the States, you rarely see people arguing or fighting. The people here are just graceful, loving people. I remember lots of times when my family and I would go visit a friend or go help someone out, and they would always give us gifts. Multiple times when we went out, to help people, they would give you a gift even if they had nothing! That right there is what I call love and sacrificial giving. We went there to help them, and they ended up giving us something (almost 100% of the time food). When the Hondurans give you food, they expect you to take it and eat it, and if you don't, it's rude. When we first came here, we were skeptical about eating the food made at other peoples houses, but now, we eat everything except for soups. When you first come here, you do need to ease your way into eating the house foods, but once you're good, everything will be okay. The people here are also great because they are always focused on the relationships between people. When you talk, it's always about getting to know each other. You walk down the street, and you'll have a full conversation with a stranger like you're their friend, and I love that. Us North Americans like to get to business right away and end the conversation once we're done, but here, it's all about asking how the person is doing, how there family is, and maybe about 30 minutes to an hour later you may get to the intended business... MAYBE. There are sooooooooo many more reasons that I love this country, and I could go on for a lot more time, but I'm not going to do that to y'all.

Spanish classes are going great. I need to start studying more so I can learn more, but other than that, everything is going great. I think that my accent is pretty good, but to a Honduran, I'm not so sure they would think the same.

NOW FOR THE SONG OF THE WEEK: Remember to comment on it and tell me what you think about it. This week the song is named "Raise a Hallelujah" by Bethel.

Here's the link...

The reason I picked this song is because this song tells us exactly what we should do in a time of struggle. It says that we need to sing in the middle of the storm. Everyone should hear our hallelujah louder and louder in our trouble times. This is how I go through my trouble times, I sing, or write songs. Music is my therapy, and to me, after God, it's the best one.

Thank y'all for taking time out of your day to read my blog I really appreciate it.

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