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Hey guys this week was a very good week.

This week I want to talk about what a little bit of what life is. I truely think family is a big part of it. In our ministry (Celebrate Recovery) at the rehab we are feeling comfortable with each other sharing our problems and I feel its just like sharing our problems with family. I love our ministry because of the support and prayers you get after you share. Our ministry is going great and our Celebrate Recovery students are opening up and starting to grow as family.

My dad and I built a large sand castle. It took us almost 3 full hours to do. This thing had a trench about 3 to 5 inches deep with a tunnel that ran underneath the whole castle. I built a wall to surrond it and bridges that went over the trench. It was awesome. My point is with family we can do things easier than ourselves. That sand castle would have probably taken me double the time. But thanks to God I had my dad to help me. Also I had soo much memories with him just by building 1 sand castle.

I raise a Halelujah this week because God has helped me hold down my food and gain 4 pounds. I again thank God for a family that never stops encouraging me. Pray I will continue on making the right choice.

God laid this blog on my heart to express the importance of family. If there is anyone who has family, encourage and make memories while you can. I learned don't miss out on memorable opportunities.

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