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WOW! This week has been an awesome week. As you read in my title we had a festival. This wasn't an ordinary festival this was a fall festival, according to Honduran time. At the festival we played many games that relate to fall. My favorite game was a game called stomp. The object of the game was to try to defend and stomp your opponents balloon around their ankle. I also loved playing the national game of soccer. We played for hours and I almost scored a goal, but my specialty was making sure the ball didn't get to the other side.(that is defense). I realized the MK's here love fall festivals, when a hay ride came, everyone ran to it. In the states we often take things for granted like a hay ride or a fall matching game. We often think these things are babyish, but when you rarely have it you will appreciate more.

School has been great this week I finished writing out my ''Who I am" sayings and verses. I also am learning a lot in spanish, right now I'm learning opposites in spanish. I have been also practicing making my sentences longer. I have learned a lot so far and I can't wait until I am fluent.

I think that was my week. Catch me later for next weeks blog. BYE!!!!

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