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Hey guys. It's Messiah. This week has been very interesting. As some of y'all know, I got three teeth pulled out. One tooth, my second to last molar, took about twenty minutes to get out. The dentist was digging and pulling, but it just wouldn't come out. Finally, after a long time, she got it out, and the roots were HUGE. To be honest, even though she numbed me, it still kind of hurt when she was pulling on my tooth. I'm just Glad that it's out. In two weeks, The dentist is going to pull out my last two baby teeth. Since I got my three teeth pulled out, I wasn't able to sing for church on Sunday. I was kind of sad, because I love to worship. This week, I only played the guitar. I think it was good, because the missionary that I talked about last week that sings, sang again. She wanted to sing in the band again, and I said that this is God's band, so she is definately welcomed. She said that what I said blessed her, when really, she blessed me by her humbleness and greatfulness. She always reminds the group to pray before we practice so that our practice even makes a plesant aroma to God. When our band comes together, it's always a blessing. I'm so glad that I get to sing on the band here at my church. Ceejay, the person who led the worship before that plays the keys now, said that he has passed the torch of leadership to me. I love worshipping, so I am soooooo happy.

Good bye baby teeth....

Me and Mrs. Paula worshiping at church...

If y'all ever come to Roatán, you're going to love it. The people here are so nice, and a lot of them can cook. I'm going to be sad when I leave for college in June.

Now for the song for the week:

The song for the week is “Yes I Will” by Vertical Worship. Here's the link......

I love this song because I tells us that we can always count on our heavenly father. He never fails, and is never late. When we believe this, we can lift him high in the lowest valleys and praise his name. We can sing for joy when our heart is heavy for all of our days. I can say for myself that I need to learn to count on God more.

Thank y'all for reading my blog. Please pray for us as there is a Hurricane coming through Central America. Just pray that it goes down before it reaches us. I'll talk to y'all next week.

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