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Learning New Things!!!!

Man! This week has been awesome and very fun. I have learned many things these past few weeks. This week has been an amazing journey.

School has been great. I learmed how to use before and after (después de and antes de) in a sentence. I also learned how to describe my daily routine from the time I wake up until I go to language school. Monday I just unexpectedly switched teachers. What happened mom and dad didn't tell me I was switching teachers because they knew I would have anxiety over it. So when we got to school on Monday they all of a sudden said, "we forgot to tell you, but you have a new teacher." Isn't it great to have parents who look out for your best interest all the time???

Not only did I learn in school, but I learned how to play ultimate frisbee with a friend of my dad's who had a birthday party. If you have never played ultimate frisbee then you are missing out on a lot of fun. Warning! The only bad part is that there is a lot of running, but otherwise it is a lot of fun. I scored one time and deflected it one time. Also, in this game you have to know how to throw the frisbee, but with practice you will master it.

This year our family is reading through the Bible again and I am learning sooo much. Today I learned God used 10 plagues to turn Pharaoh's heart to let Israel go. Also, how God's Word if you read closely it's all about His redemptive story. Okay in Exodus 12:5 “lamb without blemish” and 12:46 “not break any of its bones” which person was it talking about in the Bible (or referring to)? Whoever guesses first wins. Are you ready, get set, go!

P.S. Thank you for reading my blog. See you next Tuesday for another POP QUIZ!

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