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Learning More of the Culture!!!!!!

Today was a great day at school. We had a panel of Hondurans that answered questions we had about the culture and the differences we have between the United States and Honduras. One of the biggest things was confrontation. In the U.S. when someone wrongs you, you want to confront them and tell them how you feel and get to the point why you are hurt. In Honduras they are more indirect and focus on keeping respect in the relationship. Another thing that I thought was funny was that it is ok here to call people fat “gordo” or skinny “flaco” or call them by the color of their skin “negrito”. In the states this would be very rude and possibly cause a fight, but here it is very common and it is not meant at all to be disrespectful. We also learned that you have to wear specific clothing when you go to specific places like government buildings, church and when you are invited to other peoples houses as a sign of respect. Another is that you always have to greet someone before you start asking questions. This includes: texting, calling, or even face to face. This is because the people here are VERY relational, relationships are of high importance. In the states we just get straight to the point, usually because we’re so busy and task oriented rather than focused on relationships. It was a great experience.

As you know we do CrossFit for our exercise to keep us healthy and today was a great day for me. I have a new personal record on the ROW machine. I was able to do a 10,000 meter ROW in 43 minutes and 33 seconds. The last time I did a 10,000 meter ROW was about 3 months ago and it was in 45 minutes. my goal is to get it under 43 minutes. Please continue to pray for us as we are trying to get healthy and to stay healthy so that we can better serve God here in Honduras.

Lastly, I ask that you pray for us as we will be starting our first STEP STUDY for Celebrate Recovery in January with a bilingual church. They are very excited to get this program started.

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