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Language, Language, Language.

I love the Spanish language. We have had multiple opportunities to practice our Spanish in the community. We just recently got to celebrate a holiday here in Honduras called El Día de Niño. It is a celebration called day of the child In English. It’s where a lot of kids get together and have a huge party, and hit piñatas, and play lots of games. We got to practice our Spanish the best we could and it actually worked out great.

Also, tomorrow I am doing a presentation about a specific tribe in Honduras. Please pray for me that my Spanish comes out well. I will share pics of the presentation next week.

Please continue to pray for us that we can find a vehicle in our price range that we can use to venture out of our community and to be able to do some other work for the Kingdom. Cars here are very expensive. What would be $2,000 in the states is about $7,000 + here. So, we ask that you pray that the Lord will get us something that is efficient and long lasting for the future. Thank you so much for being a part of our prayer team and praying for us. Hope to see y’all out here in the future for a visit.

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