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July was HOT and very busy for the Lord!

Y'all, July was a super HOT month here. Every day was close to 90 degrees outside with at least 75% humidity. In the house, it had to be over 100 degrees. We had to run the air conditioning more than normal (homeschooling, Tyler working on college and leading events in our house) and our electric bill was a lot higher than normal, but well worth it! Many people here don't have air conditioning or choose only to run it at night while sleeping because the electric is so high due to living on an island. But the good thing is the Lord provided every penny for that electric bill! Praise Jesus!

This month was not only HOT in temperature, but also HOT/ON FIRE for Jesus!

Here are just a few of the things that took place in July...

**Helped a fellow missionary friend from the mainland move here to the island

**Started helping a local family with speech services for their son and get him enrolled in a local preschool ran by a missionary friend

**Adventures with Guenther

(Sushi date while playing chess and homeschooling fun!)

**Messiah got his passport back and I booked his tickets to come home for a few weeks!

**Pastor's wives conference

(It was offered for free and God placed it on my heart to attend as Tyler feels called to pastor.)

**West End Baptist Church Conference all day

(Ty preached for the first time during the mid day service.)

**The ladies picked me to do the Bible lesson teaching a few times at the ladies meeting on Monday nights at West End Baptist Church

(I wasn’t up yet teaching in this photo, but these are the women at the ladies meeting.)

**CR Summit 2022

(We weren't able to make it to TX this year to participate in our yearly CR conference in person, but we were blessed to be able to participate online.)

**Roatan Alive

(Roatan Alive usually comes every July for a short term missions trip and this year it was focused on Revival. I was blessed to attend an amazing women event and brought 2 ladies. I was also blessed to attend a couples night with Tyler. It was a great time!)


-please pray for God to raise up Celebrate Recovery leaders/volunteers as we will be launching a CR once the R Church complete the learning center building (should be done in January)

-please pray for those that are in the drug and alcohol rehab "Jesus is the Solution" where we teach the Bible. Addictions are strong, but we know that God is stronger.

-please pray for me to finish putting our children's Celebrate Recovery materials "Celebration Place" into Spanish and then begin getting the youth CR program "The Landing" into Spanish

-please pray for me to be the hands and feet of Jesus while helping families with speech and language difficulties


-Praise GOD for using a sinner like me to reach others with the hope and healing of Jesus Christ...I am so blessed to be a part of what he is doing in Honduras

-Praise GOD for y'all's prayers and financial support...we couldn't do this without you

-Praise GOD for my sweet little family that God put together...I'm so glad I get to be with them every day serving our great God.

-Praise GOD for changing hearts and lives here in Honduras!

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