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July is all GLORY TO GOD

Hey guy! Man this month was awesome and just a blessing to me period.


Praise Jesus! I have memorized 3 books of the Bible for scholarship money to help pay for college. Colorado Christian University (CCU) offers scholarships for students who memorize entire books of the Bible. It's awesome, right?

A little God story about a recent dream I had that relates to me memorizing books of the Bible. Here's how it went "One day the world banned Bibles and it was illegal to have one. Since I remember parts of the Bible, I orated what the Bible said while people wrote it down. What is even cooler was the president came to our house because he knew I memorized scripture. In that moment or so he got saved."

Wow! I started memorizing scripture for scholarship money, but the dream may reveal that God is preparing me for something bigger. So far I have memorized Jame, Philippians and Jude. I am working on memorizing as many Books of the Bible as possible within the next 2 years of High School. May God help me and may I memorize scripture for God's purpose.


Another exciting event this month was attending the West End Baptist Church all day conference. It was a great time singing and getting fed with God's Word. It was an honor going and seeing countless people, old and young, praise their hearts out. I made sure this time that I didn't loose my voice by signing too loud. Then a side bonus was that I got to have a closer relationship with my friend Jay. We did almost everything together, including joking around together. That day was a blast!


It was an honor hearing and seeing my dad preach a powerful message on "Our Purpose". I am so proud to see my dad serve and share Jesus with others so confidently. He doesn't brag, but always gives glory to God. I hope to one day be a fire breathing pastor like my dad.

***Praise Report

-3 books of the Bible memorized

***Prayer Requests

-for God to renew my mind

-to have a clean heart

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