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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!!

Well, its not snowing, but we made it look a lot like Christmas in our house. I love Christmas, and I love the tradition of putting up a Christmas tree. This Saturday, we finally put it up and I had so much fun doing it. The reason I had so much fun was because my friend from across the street, Jonathan, came over to help me with it. We literally spent half of the day putting it up. Not because we didn't know how, but because we were just having fun putting on the lights and the ornaments. The cool thing about this tree is that it already has real pinecones on it. Jonathan,my neighbor and friend, spent the whole day at my house, having fun, and playing new games that you can't find here. We played a game called Sorry revenge. It's not like the board game,it's with cards. His favorite game he liked was matching. We played like 3 times with all the cards, including the jokers. After he left, I just sat down on the couch, played my guitar, and just looked at the Christmas tree. When I observed it, I noticed that it was missing the best candy in the world: CANDY CANES. I don't know about y'all, but candy canes is the absolute bessssssssst candy in the WHOLE WORLD!!! They are way better than chocolate or any other candies out there. We still need to put some on the tree, but they are super duper hard to find here. Hopefully in December they will have some here. Also, we watched a Hallmark movie, and I love Hallmark movies. Though we're missing candy canes, I had an awesome time putting up the tree.

Though putting up the tree was awesome, I also have a good time in my Spanish classes. They are going great, and I'm learning not only the language, but all about the culture here. The teachers are all so funny, and help you all the time. The reason I say all the time is because I mean it. We'll be out of school for the day, going to help someone, and they will be in the car, correcting you on what you say. We talk and they are ALWAYS correcting us. This is good, but sometimes you want to just have a normal conversation with someone without being corrected. Although Spanish is hard, I want to learn it, and I have fun doing it.

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