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It’s been awhile for me... Got a lot to talk about....

Hey all. Hope all is well. It has been going great here on the island of Roatan in Honduras. We have been doing a Celebrate Recovery on Monday nights at the rehab center. We celebrate every Monday night of being clean from our addictions. We recently have had some of the people graduate from the rehab to go back to their communities to be leaders and to walk the talk and tell others about Christ. We have been training about love, respect, and how to stay in control of your life through Jesus Christ. We have recently had a few of them accept Christ into their hearts and we are seeing them grow more and more stronger in their faith in the Lord.

This is us having a meal with the rehab!

This is a guy that graduated and his sister was able to give him his certificate. She was so proud of him.

This is a guy who graduated a couple of weeks ago. He is trying hard to stay clean and support his family.

We are also teaching step study at the rehab and teaching the Bible, kind of like Sunday school three times a week for two hours. The lessons are going very well and they are loving the learning about the Bible and Jesus.

We are still in the process of getting another Celebrate Recovery started for the islanders, ex-pats, and tourist. We want it to be open to all people and it will be ran just like it is ran in the states.

Another thing we are going to be doing is going over to the mainland of Honduras after the new year and we will be doing a few trainings of the children’s (Celebration Place) and youth (The Landing) programs of the CR curriculum to a few children’s ministries that are in need of the program. God is really on a move with this program in Honduras.

I ask that you pray for Lorenda’s brother who has recently been diagnosed with cancer. She will be flying to the states to see him for three weeks. This is the first time that we have been apart from each other for more than a week. She is my best friend and it is going to be hard serving without her for two weeks. So, again I ask that you pray for her brother, you pray for her, and that you also pray for me.

We ask that you continue to come along side of us and pray for changed lives here on the island and on the mainland of Honduras. We are so thankful that you have been continuously supporting us and have believed in us to do God’s Will here in Honduras. Thank you all for all that you do. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

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