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It has been a great week here in Honduras.

I am so glad the Lord has brought us here to Honduras. We are finally able to use our Spanish everyday here in Honduras at our new home. Our neighbors that maintain our property visit us nearly everyday and we get to talk with them to practice our Spanish. It is very hard sometimes to understand because they don't speak as clearly as we want them to, but it also helps to understand their accent. We have created a great friendship with them, and we constantly give gifts back and forth to each other. Please pray for our relationship with them, that we become family.

I also have started my courses through the university and it has been going very well. As you know the first week is a week where you are getting to know your teacher and other classmates because it is all online. I am so excited and hope to get more in depth soon with the studies. Right now I had to write two papers on my knowledge of the Bible and also a little bit of my background. It is great getting to know your classmates as we have discussion time and get to talk to one another through messaging and videos. Its almost like being at the university.

Thank you all for what you are doing for us to be here to serve the Lord full-time. We are so glad to be here and very excited of what God will be doing through us. Thanks for your prayers and support, and may God bless you all....

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