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I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel...

Hope y'all are doing well. Greetings from Honduras. We are still here and feel this is where God wants us to be. For us the safest place to be is in the center of the will of God. We are excited about our new relationships with our neighbors that live on the property with us and have enjoyed having space to move around. God is so good!

I know you are probably wondering about this "light at the end of this tunnel". Well, after having the miscarriage I have been bleeding off and on (but more on than off) since that happened. I went to get blood work today (shout out to those friends that helped get that all figured out) and everything came back great! Praise the Lord! So the next step is to take a medicine to get my body back on track. I will go get that tomorrow and hope to have great news for you about this situation in the coming week. God is faithful. I know he is in control. But I want to say THANK YOU for praying for me. I sooooooo appreciate it!!!

I want to be transparent for a second...during this time I saw true sacrificial giving and realized this is an area in my life that I need to work on. People here in Honduras give out of their nothing, while I am used to giving out of my plenty. It is so humbling and convicting to see the love of people here to just GIVE without thinking, because of their love for people. People here keep amazing me and have challenged me to GIVE BIG and not out of my plenty, but out of what I have at that moment or can get. For night we were cooking dinner for us four and had made 4 calzones. You see, 4 calzones for 4 people, BUT GOD blessed us with a wonderful neighbor who just happened to come by to visit and God spoke to my heart, "give her your calzone." In my head, I thought, "But we only made enough for us for, we don't have extra." God said, "Give out of what you have right now, not only when you have plenty." It was amazing to give and see the relationship build through giving and having love for each other. Giving is a beautiful thing. I am constantly reminded that it's all God's anyways {Psalm 24:1}. Who am I to hold on to food, things, etc. When God says give, I desire to be ready to give always and with a cheerful heart {2 Corinthians 9:7}. God has given me his all and best (JESUS), I have the Holy Spirit living in me, so my prayer is that I will have a heart of GIVING like JESUS.

Pictures of so many sweet things sacrificially given to us...

Sugar cane




Fried yuca

Frozen coffee drink

Soup (made because she said it would make me feel better after bleeding so long)

Tamarindo Juice

See y'all back here next week. If you have a giving story to share, please do so in the comments. I would love to see how the Lord is working or has worked in your life in this area. Virtual hugs . Buenos Noches (Good Night)!

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