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I am so grateful for where God has placed me!!!!

We have had a wonderful week working at the rehab center and teaching them the love of God through the Word of God. These guys are awesome and we have created long lasting friendships with them. I would really like you to come alongside us and pray for each one of them and their recovery. It is so awesome that every time we go to the rehab there is a new person to share the love of recovery to, through Jesus Christ. We are working with them to memorize scripture and to hide it in their hearts to fight against the enemy. The boys were finally able to come with us and Messiah was able to sing and share his testimony and Guenther shared a scripture and shared his testimony. Today we were able to stay a little longer and play some basketball with them and we had a great time. When you look at Lorenda’s blog you will see specific pictures of them that are asking for specific prayers.

We should be starting Celebrate Recovery soon on Saturday’s to reach out to the community to try and get more to come into the rehab. Right now there are 12 men and 1 woman including the two leaders.

Today I had to take one of the leaders to the doctor because he is very sick and has not been able to eat. He is running a fever. Please pray that he gets the proper care. I will probably have to go and pick him up and take him back to the rehab. So please pray for him.

Tomorrow we go mid island to a youth group that is just starting up so the boys can get some involvement with some friends here.

Thank you so much for all that you are doing and praying for us. God is doing some amazing things in Roatan.

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