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I am in Hopes of a Great Return Home for my Wife.

To start out, this has been a very lonely time without my wife being here, and it has also been the longest time in 16 years that we have been apart from each other. When she returns it will have nearly been 3 months. That is crazy for being apart for that long but it was something that had to be done. I am so glad that her surgery went well and that she is resting and healing well at her mom's house in Illinois. I am so looking forward for her return home.

During the month of October I was able to see a wonderful group of men get baptized at church. These men have been in the rehab for quite some time and they finally surrendered to the Lord and recently got baptized. I am so proud of these men. These men need constant prayer from you all for them to stay clean and to keep their eyes on Jesus. The verse Proverbs 24:16 comes to my mind when I think about these guys, "but the righteous falls seven times and rises again, but the wicked stumble in times of calamity." Now that these guys are in a right relationship with God and have put their full trust in Him, we need to be in constant prayer for them that if they do stumble and fall, that they get right back up and keep their eyes fixed on Jesus, because they are in a righteous relationship with God.

On October 5th was the day my wife went into surgery. I was worried all day because it was a very long surgery that lasted into the late evening. She made it through very well and I am so proud of her for making this decision to follow the lead of God and go back to the way God created her to be. God is so good and in His perfect timing He calls us to do big things that will honor Him completely through our story. I love the saying, "My story, His glory."

We had a hurricane to come through this month. We thought it was going to be pretty bad, but we just got some really heavy rain and some high winds. The storm dropped south a few hours before it was supposed to hit us which kept the storm mostly south of us. We are so glad that God kept us safe through this crazy storm.

This month was my birthday month. My son Guenther wanted my birthday to be extremely special so he asked around the church to see what people could do for my birthday. One of my good friends took me out on a catamaran for the first time. We sailed around to the east side of the island and back. We were out for about four hours and had a great time. This was one of the coolest relaxing experiences I have ever had here on the island. On that same day in the evening time, a group of people from the church did a surprise birthday party for me at a restaurant. It was supposed to be a surprise birthday party but I showed up fifteen minutes early and was there before most of the people got there. That was hilarious. This was all on the 14th, my birthday. The next day we went out to the east side of the island and met up with some more people to celebrate my birthday, another friends birthday, and two anniversaries that were all in the month of October. We had so much fun and I am so glad that my son tried his best at wanting to make my birthday special.

I have also been called to preach. I have been meeting with the pastor of our church on Wednesday mornings. He is discipling me to become a pastor. I am currently learning Greek. I am having such a great time, and I know this is what God called me to do because I love learning more and more about the Bible and using it to teach others.

There was a mission team that came in that we know, because we partnered with them back three years ago when we first visited the island of Roatan. These men and women come in just about twice a year to serve. Every time they come in we make sure to make time for them. This time I took a lot of time out of my busy schedule to work with them side by side. We were able to get so much accomplished. The church that we go to is building a learning center here on the island, and this team that came in did a lot of work on the second floor to help get the pace of the construction moving a little faster. I went and worked with them for two days at the sight and boy it was a great time. I can not wait for them to return again.

Once a quarter we have a missionary/volunteer dinner for all who help on the island. We had it this month and we had a great turn out. We typically share a meal together and then we go around the room to talk about what we are doing on the island and what we are involved in. This usually takes a few hours because a lot of us have are hands in a lot of different ministries on the island for the kingdom of God.

God is so good and I am glad that He has us here on this island. He is doing so much through us that I would never have imagined He would be doing. He has truly given me strength day to day to accomplish what He has called me to do. He gets all the honor and glory and praise in what He has done. Please continue to pray for us as we are soon going to start up Celebrate Recover again at this learning center once it is complete.

One of the fun things that I do here is Pickleball. I was involved with it a while back, but just recently have got back into it. I truly enjoy this sport and love to play the game. It is very good exercise and a good time with spending time with the people that play. I have been taking this sport a little more serious than I did before, because now I am really wanting to play it right. So, in my spare time I like to watch drills, and games online so that I can better my game. I hope that when I return to the states that I can play a few old friends in some matches...

I am still in full time Bible college online. I am in my junior year and I truly enjoy all the learning and knowledge that I am getting from this school. Eternity Bible College out of California is a true blessing to me, and because of me being on the mission field, they gave me a 67% discount off of my tuition. That is amazing! I only have a year and half left and I will graduate with a Bachelors in Advanced Biblical and Cultural Exegesis. Please continue to pray for me that I continue to make good grades. I have a goal for myself and that is to have a 3.5 GPA or higher. I am currently at a 3.7.

Thank you all for your prayers, love and support. It is greatly appreciated. May God bless you all for contributing to the ministry to further His kingdom work and to give Him honor and glory.

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