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Humble Service and Ultimate Frisbee

Hey, it's Messiah. This week, when we went to church, and we finished our last class in order to serve in the church. The pastor said that I could help serve on the worship team on the first week of February, and I'm very happy. While we did the class, the topic of serving came up. My mom and I recently had a conversation about the college I'm thinking about going to. The college requires eight hours of service in the church every week, which is fine, but I said that i hope that it won't cleaning the toilets. My mom mentioned this to the pastor during our class when we were talking about serving, and the pastor asked me if I would clean toilets if someone paid me to do it. I hesitated, and said it depended on how much the person gave me...that is where I messed up. He told me that we should never ever put a price on serving, and we should always think of others better than ourselves. Honestly, I have a problem with pride, and I'm working on it. So, if y'all can pray for me to be humble and think of God first, that would be very helpful.

This Sunday was also fun because we were invited to a birthday party for another missionary here. For the first time in my life, I played ultimate frisbee. I had so much fun playing, but I was horrible at it. Anything with a ball I can do, but with a want to make sure that I'm last pick on the team. The missionary is very funny. Even though he is about my dad's age, he is definitely like a kid in his soul. I'm glad that he invited us, and that we have met them. While I was playing, I jammed my finger really bad. I definitely need prayer for this swollen finger, because it hurts.

As for Spanish class, my teacher is teaching me future tense and I'm catching on very quickly. I am still in shock that I can understand what people say, and have a conversation with them.

One last thing!!! I'm almost a senior and I'm hoping to go to my dream college. Luckily, I have an awesome mom who is helping me figure out housing, food, and other things. When we go back to the US, we are probably going to take a trip to visit the campus so I can see the college, and get a feel for it. I want to go there to study music because I believe that God is calling me to music ministry. I'm so happy because I get to do what I love (sing and play my guitar for God) every day of my life. I will be applying in August, so please pray that I get accepted.

I can't wait to see y'all again when we come back to the US. Thanks for reading, and I'll talk to y'all next week.

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