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Hey guys, it's me, Messiah.

This week, we found a home. It is the smallest house that I have ever lived in, but it is one of the best, because we are right by the beach. I love the salt water, because it's awesome. Since we're right by the beach, there are sand flies, and a whole lot of mosquitoes. I got eaten up so much, that if someone looked at my leg, they would think that I had chicken-pox. The bugs here are bad, but the beach is worth it. It is also a lot hotter here on the island, but that's why I get in the ocean. I am sweating right now typing the blog. To turn on the A.C. here is soooo expensive, so we only use it only at night. This week, since we've been here, we have been in the sea every day. While we were snorkling, my dad Guenther and I saw an eagle ray. It was the coolest thing ever to see. I would never have thought that I would have ever seen any type of ray, but I did, and it was beautiful, really beautiful. We also have some lobster underneath the docks that are next to us. When y'll come, If I'm not in the States, then I can take y'all to see everything like the lobsters, dory fish, a sunken boat, and eagle rays. There is so much more life, especially when you dive, and it is so beautiful. On the land, we have what is called sea grapes, coco plums, and a whole lot of mangos. Whenever I'm hungry on the ocean, then I go and eat some sea grapes, or coco plums. Sea grapes are like cherries, but better. Coco plums are like marshmillos with a seed on the inside. When you crack open the seeds, you can eat the inside of it.

Picture of us snorkeling...

Picture of the house...

Picture of the sea grapes...

Picture of the coco plum...

Picture of the coco plum cracked open with the seed...

This week, my Spanish classes are going great. I only have a few classes left, so my teacher is giving me a lot of homework. Homework is good, and you learn a lot from it. I love learning Spanish, and I'm glad that I know some of it. This last week, I had the opportynity to lead worship, and it was awesome. I love singing and leading worship.

Thank y'all so much for reading my blog, I really appreciate it. I hope that y'all are doing good over there.

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