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Home School, and Spanish School.

This week was a good week for me. As you know weeks have highs and lows, but overall it was good.

Home School this week has been a good learning experience. I am learning about Old American History and the many events that led to our independence from Britain. As America was fighting for freedom, they went through many trials. Over and over again as I was reading of how the Americans lost so many battles against the British, I began to think why didn’t they just give up. Then I made a conclusion that if they just gave up we wouldn't have the States or freedom like we do today. I learned through history to keep persevering. I may lose a battle, but in the end I will win the war. I encourage you to not give up. You may lose the battle for the day, but I assure you this, you will win the war.

Online Spanish School is going great, but there might be a few technical difficulties here or there. In school I am learning to express physical conditions of myself and others. For example if I were to say I am hungry in Spanish it would be yo tengo hambre. That's about it... it’s pretty easy to catch on.

Thank you for reading my blog it means a lot. God bless y'all.

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