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This week has been pretty good. On Tuesday, we had a Bible study in Hebrews 7, and I got to sing and play my guitar for the whole group.

When we studied, we went DEEP. Hebrews 7 is more like a mystery and is very very hard to understand. The next days Guenther and I did school while mom and dad did Spanish. Guenther and I got to play soccer ⚽️ with a few people here at the water company, and I realized that I was out of shape.

We had soo much fun playing with them, and can’t wait until Friday and Saturday to play soccer with them. We’ve gotten into a routine, so we know how Know how the day is going to flow. First we wake up, then we eat and go to school. After school, we grade our work, then we go work out at 4 🏋️. We just started doing CrossFit today and let me tell you, it was the toughest thing I’ve ever done. After I felt like I was dead. (“HIT BY A FREIGHT TRAIN”).

I’ve done CrossFit before, but this was CRAZY. As I was leaving, I told him that I almost died. What he told me almost made me want to drop back dead.... he said that what I thought was a super hard class was a medium class. He said get ready, we have a lot of other work outs harder than this. We did about 150-175 burpees plus a lot of other things. I got through it (thank God) and am skeptical about going tomorrow, (JK) I’m ready to die again. If y’all come down here to Honduras, you can die with me in CrossFit. I forgot to tell y’all that yesterday, I picked 15 mangos in the tree in our back yard. Yum!!!!

Look out for my blog every Monday night!!!! See y’all!!!!

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