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Here's what I was hinting about last time....

We are now official residents of Honduras!!!! What that means is while we are doing the Lord's work here in Honduras we don't have to leave the country every 3 months. Without residency, we would have to take a trip outside of the CA-4 border agreement area (usually people go to Belize or Costa Rica) for 3 days and then come back with a new 90 day visa to stay in Honduras. Then we would have to keep repeating this process every 3 months. Having to leave the country every 90 days is an added expense and time commitment, so we are so thankful that we won't have to do that. God is so good! The process to get residency began with getting apostilled birth certificates for the kids and an apostilled marriage certificate for us. Then we worked with an organization that we are a part of here in Honduras, HFMM "Honduran Fellowship of Missionaries and Ministries", to get all of the paperwork needed to apply for a 5 year residency. A 5 year residency is the max you can get for temporary residency and then after the 5 years you can get a permanent resident card. HFMM made the process so easy and smooth! Residency is just one of the many things that they help with. Another great thing they do is host a missionary conference in February for all of the missionaries serving in Honduras. We can't wait to go to that this year!!

This is a picture of our family with Tania, one of the HFMM workers that helped us with the residency, right after getting our residency. Thankful to God that he is helping us day by day get the things needed completed to serve him here in Honduras. Thankful to y'all for your prayers and sacrificial giving. We are so grateful!

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