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Helping the Hurting!!!!

Today was a great and sad day for me. Today a group from the language school went on a field trip to a community that got their houses destroyed by a bulldozer. The reason why it got destroyed is because a lady who owned the property wanted her property back, so one day she came in with a bulldozer and started destroying most of the houses. About 80 homes were destroyed. Our group decided to help them with food and clothes. We also thought it was a good opportunity to practice our Spanish. These people were soo happy to see us. I got to help some kids by playing soccer and help them forget about the circumstances around them. I had soo much fun playing soccer and another simular game to monkey in the middle. I love helping people in Honduras.

My Spanish is getting better, I have memorized five verses out of ninety-one. In language school I am learning to describe stuff with the opposites I‘ve learned. That was about all.

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