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Healed Ankle, praise God...but still on lockdown

Last Friday I received good news from the doctor that my ankle bone is healed, but then just 2 days after being told I am free to walk around and regain strength in my ankle...we were told you can only leave your house for essential items due to the coronavirus. I have not been able to do much for the past 3 months due to my ankle injury and now it is going to be quite a bit of time longer before wandering much outside the house.

But I have a lot to be thankful for...

**none of us have coronavirus

-my salvation

-the salvation of my husband and kids

-a loving husband of 11 years (13 years together)

-2 amazing boys that love the Lord

-the ability to worship freely in our home

-that our churches are posting services on Facebook

-the fruit of the Spirit in the midst of a crisis

-and so much more to be thankful for the list could go on forever!

(fake mask...thanks to Snapchat) watching online church service with my guys!!!

watching church service on line....

Quarantine for me looks like this..

*devotion in the morning (as a family we are reading through the Bible in a year)

*various ministry behind the scenes work

*studying Spanish at home since we can't have face to face classes

*Homeschooling our kiddos...been our normal for 5 years

*hanging out as a family

*only going out if necessary

We are praying for y'all and appreciate your prayers as we know y'all are praying for us!

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