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Headed to Illinois (just me).....

Hey y’all!!! Hope you’re doing well!

We made a last minute decision to fly me (Lorenda) back to the states (Illinois, my home state) to see my younger brother Louis as he is going through chemo right now and will be having surgery December 22nd. I love both my brothers so much and it hurts my heart to see my youngest one suffering. I am excited to be able to be with him physically during this difficult time. I will be in Illinois from Nov. 28 - December 19, but can’t do too much (unless we are very careful and take precautions) with other people while there because my brother has to be very careful about not getting sick while on chemo.

I ask you to pray for me and for my family during this difficult time. But I know the same God I serve in the mountain tops is that same God in the valleys. He is faithful and a good good Father!!!

Pray also for Tyler and our boys and they stay back (Roatan, Honduras) and continue to serve at the rehab. This is the longest we’ve ever been apart in our marriage (besides 1 3 week trip Tyler went on early in our marriage when his birth dad passed away) and the longest I’ve been away from our boys. Prayers that God strengthens Tyler as he will be helping the boys with homeschooling, finishing up on his 4 college classes, serving, and so much more. Pray they have good guy time!!

Thank you for your prayers!!! Love y’all!!!

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