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He answers!!!!

Hey y’all I am back again to tell y’all about a great God we have!!!!!! As a lot of you know my dad was rushed to the emergency room several days ago and my mom thought she was going to lose him because his lung collapsed in the middle of the night while sleeping. We were in deep prayer for my dad and being in a different country that is very hard to just sit back and wait for information when you want to be there. BUT GOD, helped the doctors figure out the problem and fixed it so that he could breathe again. Hallelujah!!!! Then two days after my dad got home from the hospital my mom had a doctors appointment because she was not feeling well and the doctor made her go to the emergency room because her heart was in afib(heart Is out of rhythm) So, i received another phone call saying that my mom was now in the hospital and that they needed to shock her heart to put it back into rhythm. Thank the Lord it worked. Now they have to do a stress test on her to see if she has any blockages in her heart. So, what I am trying to say is it is very hard being in another country and you can’t just get up and be by your parents side when they need you. I had to put it in God’s hands and know that if anything happens it was for the best and that it was their time and I know that I will see them again one day where there is no pain, no crying, no stress. A place where everything is perfect. So I ask you to continue to pray for us as we do God’s will in another country.

Everything is going well with language school. We have an opportunity to help start a Celebrate Recovery on the island of Roatan in northern Honduras. We will be there this Saturday through Wednesday to help train the people to get this program started at the only rehab facility on the entire island. Please pray for our trip to and from the island because we have to drive four hours to the coast and then take a hour and twenty minute ferry ride to the island on very rough waves. Thank y’all for the prayers and your commitment to make this happen in Honduras.

We live in Siguatepeque which is near the center of Honduras and we have to travel all the way to the north coast by la ceiba and then take a ferry to the island Roatan.

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