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Having an awesome weekend!!!!!

We have started out having a great weekend with the HFMM (Honduran Fellowship of Missionaries and Ministries) conference that started tonight. We started out with a typical Honduran meal and had a wonderful worship time. We sang a lot of beautiful songs, and to see everyone singing and raising their hands to the Lord lifted my spirit even more. So excited for worship tomorrow. After worship John Maticca gave a great message about being on the mission field. ONE PURPOSE, MANY CALLINGS. We all have a purpose here in Honduras and that is to know Christ more and to make HIM known to all people. We all have different callings, and different ways of approaching the ONE purpose God has called us here for. There are some that plant, there are some that water, there are some that weed, and there are some that harvest. We all have a specific job God has called us for. Thank you Honduran Fellowship for your wonderful work here in Honduras and helping us missionaries to fulfill what Christ has called us to do. Can't wait for what is planned tomorrow!

Today was a great day for me at school. I passed a quiz today with a 93.5% on the first part of Past tense. Please pray that I continue to learn more and my mind stays open to take in as much as possible of the Spanish language.

Thank you all for your sacrifice for us to be here in Honduras. Your prayers are highly coveted.

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