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Hanging out with friends, Being Creative and Ministry

Hey guys! This week has been fun and very exciting.

This week our family had our first visitors come and stay at our house. They stayed for a couple days with us and it was fun. We had the experience to show them around town and swim with them in the cold, salty water. Since we had some storms the waves were higher than usual and the current was strong. I loved ridding the big waves back to the shore. We also talked to our friends about the ocean while ridding the big waves. This week we also had some other friends come to our house to swim and have lunch. I loved hanging out with them and I consider these friends as family.

Our first visitors (they were from the mainland)...

Our friends snorkeling with us...

This week I also had fun creating things that turned out cool. My brother and I created mansions using the materials from the board game called Catan. I think if the mansions were real they would cost $10,000,000. They had many bedrooms, baths, and living spaces. I also built a used car dealership that had fast and lifted cars. You could find Lamborginies, Mustangs, Toyotas, Porches, and much more at this place. I had fun creating the mansions and a dealership.

Check out these mansions and dealership...

Our ministry is going great helping start Celebrate Recovery at the rehab on the Island in Honduras called Roatan. Although the Celebrate Recovery plant is still a baby, it is great and I can't wait to see it grow. I truely look foward to going every week now. Every week we go to Celebrate Recovery we start jamming out to some christian islander worship music . I love the music because it alway gets you pepped up or as Dylon says, "It gets you high on the Holy Spirit". We sing and some dance to celebrate the recovery. After that Dylon teaches and some share thier testomonies. After the teaching and hearing the testomonies my parents teach a Celebrate Recovery lesson. To end off the night we socialize and listen to the music.

Me sharing my struggles at CR (anxiety and Rumination Syndrome, check back in next week if you don’t know what this syndrome is and I‘ll explain it)....

Thanks to everyone of y'all that is praying and supporting our family. Also thanks for taking time out of your day to read my blog and sending encouraging comments.

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