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Great Things Happening in Roatan... But not Back Home.

Updated: Jun 2

Hey all. Hope all of you are doing well. There is a lot of things that went on this month but I am just going to name a few but one thing that disturbed me more than anything was my dad was in the hospital for nearly two weeks. He was extremely sick with pneumonia and it ended up being bacterial pneumonia. He lost all of his strength while there and could barely get up and move around. They called in physical therapy to get him up and moving. Finally after two weeks ended they sent him home. He is doing a lot better, but I ask that you continue to pray for him because he needs to lose a lot of weight so that he can get healthy because he is at an old age and being very heavy can cause a lot of problems.

Celebrate Recovery has been going well. The adult program is running but with only a few people. The teen program called The Landing, is growing every week. We have gone from 6 at the beginning to like 16 now. They are learning so much and are excited to come every week. They look forward to being there every week. I ask that you continue to pray for them that they may learn how to deal with their troubles at a young age so that when they get older they know how to get through the tough times.

This month had a very special day for our mothers. Mother's Day is a very special day here on the island. The local church that we went to asked Lorenda to speak on Mother's Day. There was a great turnout and there were more than 100 people there at the church. Lorenda did a great job presenting the Word of God to the church on this very special day. Then afterwards a local lady invited us to come to her house and have lunch with her family on Mother's Day. We were so astonished that we were invited to someone else's house for this special day that is usually for family to get together. It was so nice and then afterwards she called us family and it made us feel so good.

One Saturday after we had Celebrate Recovery we were able to take the youth to another youth event that was held at a local church. There were youth there that came from all over the island. We had over 120 teens there at this meeting and it was amazing. We did not get back home until 11:00pm at night. It was well worth it, because one of the teens that was there that night that came with us gave his life to the Lord. I am so thankful for these youth and I ask that you pray for them to grow up in the Lord and to make a change here on the island.

I am also working on getting the 2nd annual Men's Conference going which will be in September. I have invited some men from our home church in Alabama to come out and teach at the Men's Conference. I am asking that you pray for the men that may be coming down here in September, and that they will bring the Word. The theme is The Armor of God, which we need to spark a fire in these mens lives to go to battle fully equipped to defeat whatever the evil one throws at them.

I ask that you pray for all of us here on the island to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus and to shine the light of Jesus wherever we go on this island. Thank you for all that you do for this to be able to happen here in Honduras.

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